Sell My Home in Chandler AZ

Sell My Home in Chandler AZ!

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sell my home in chandler az

The time has come when you think “I want to sell my home in Chandler AZ”.  There are several reasons for this.  Perhaps you want to make some profit.  Maybe you are relocating.  You may have fallen behind on your mortgage and need it sold NOW.  There are numerous reasons you may be looking to sell your home.  A real estate agent is a great way to get it sold.  First, it’s very important to have your house listed on the MLS.  Consequently, this will give every Arizona real estate agent access to your listing.  Buyers use real estate agents to find their home which is especially relevant.  This is the best way your listing will be found.  But you can’t rely solely on that.  Here is another one of my articles about preparing your Arizona home for a sale.

What other marketing techniques do you prefer?  Would you like your agent to hold open houses on your home?  How about a powerful online marketing campaign?  How about international marketing to catch some of the investors or people looking for vacation homes? Are you a believer in old fashioned direct mail marketing?  Perhaps that will get word out to the neighbors… they may have family or friends looking for a new home close by.  How about having your listing in magazines in supermarkets throughout the valley?

What Can I do for you?

I can provide any and all of these techniques for you.  Plus, I have the support of a team of realtors who will also drive traffic to your listing and get it sold for top dollar.  Speaking of which, pricing is very important.  How do you know what your home is worth?  You can get a free home valuation here by filling out the form.  There’s no obligation so even if you’re just curious, I’d be happy to give you a market analysis.

Furthermore, sellers want to make top dollar on the sale of their home and buyers want the best deal.  Because if you price your home too high you may not even get any showings.  If it’s listed too low it should get sold quick but you may be missing out on some money.  As a result, it’s very important to price it just right.  If priced right, the average home sells in about 2 months.

I can get your Chandler home sold.  I also serve most of the valley.  Distance is no issue.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text or email.

To Buy or Sell a Home Contact:
Jason Bechtold, Realtor
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