Homes for Sale in Casa Grande AZ under $100,000

Homes for Sale in Casa Grande AZ under $100,000

Homes for Sale in Casa Grande AZ under $100,000

Casa Grande, Arizona is a great place to live with it’s culture, history and lots of fun things to do.  In truth, even though I specialize in Maricopa I like to think of Casa Grande as our friendly neighbor.  In short, I’d love to assist you in your home search in Casa Grande.

Casa Grande is located about 30 miles south of Chandler Arizona.  The population for 2017 is as much as 50,000.  It is located just about halfway from Phoenix to Tucson and in the Spanish translation means “big house”.  Maybe we can find you a big house?  😉

Homes for Sale in Casa Grande AZ under $100,000

One thing about CG is that there’s a lot of opportunity for real estate from every angle.  You can definitely find some great deals if you’re looking for a home for sale under $100,000.

Just remember that it’s hard to obtain financing if it’s under $50,000 and they may require cash purchases.  And if you will be buying on some acreage you may want to keep an eye out to see if there’s electric, water or gas connections.  It may make a difference in your decision depending on what you’re looking for.

Even though we are looking at homes for sale in Casa Grande AZ under $100,000 they can be great for fix and flip, investors, or then again just to find inexpensive housing for you to live in.  There’s something for everyone.  They even have horse properties.  If you need a more specific search set up, let me know and I’ll email you the listings.

If you’re looking to flip houses you’ll want to do thorough research to see how much the home is, how much renovations would cost and how much could it be sold for afterward.  I can be of great value with figuring this out so if fix and flip is on your mind, let me know and we’ll check out your options.

More ideas

Another option would be to buy and hold which is where you purchase a house then rent it out afterward having your mortgage paid for and hope the values rise.  You’ll want to make sure you can rent it at or above the amount of the mortgage.

If you just need an inexpensive home to live in we’ll want to make sure you are getting the most for your money.  If there are items that need to be repaired you don’t want to move in and have tons of work to do on it.  You’ll want something with good bones and that is functional.

If you have your home inspection they will be able to break down everything about the house so you are well aware of what needs to be done.  The best case scenario is that nothing needs to be done and you can move right in!

You can contact me on the form below, shoot me an email or text, or give me a call to discuss your home buying goals in detail.  I look forward to working with you!

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Least Expensive Homes for Sale in Casa Grande

Inexpensive Real Estate in Casa Grande, AZ


Are you looking for an inexpensive home to purchase in Casa Grande?  Or maybe you’re looking for an investment property to fix up?  Casa Grande is a great place to live with its history, culture, and there’s lots to do! Real Estate in Casa Grande can be a great investment for you.  Below are all of the homes for sale in Casa Grande, AZ under $100,000.  One thing to know is that is it difficult to obtain financing under $50,000 so most of those houses may need to be purchased in cash.

Least Expensive Homes for Sale in Casa Grande

Casa Grande is about 25 miles south of the south of Chandler.  In 2013, the population in Casa Grande was 50,111.  The list of homes for sale is connected to my MLS so the listings are always up to date.

I am a realtor who can help you buy or sell a home in Casa Grande.  I’d love to help you out so contact me at the information below.  We can set up some showings of the houses you like or if you’re looking to sell your home you can get a free home valuation here.  Thanks!

Jason Bechtold, Maricopa Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company

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