Is My Maricopa Arizona Home in a Flood Zone?

Is My Maricopa Arizona Home in a Flood Zone?

If you are looking into buying a home in Maricopa Arizona or if you see a home for sale that you are interested in, you will want to check to see if it is in a flood zone.  Well, all homes are actually in a flood zone but it depends on what risk level it is at.  If it is there may be some unexpected expenses that you will be responsible for… flood insurance.  You will want to check out what your flood risk is.  You can check that at  You simply input the property address you are interested in knowing about and it will display the flood risks on an interactive map.  Try clicking in the on the “View” or “Download” icon to see the specific flood plains in that area.

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If you are looking to see if your home in Maricopa, AZ is in a flood zone there’s instructions on 4 different ways to search the flood plains here.  If you’re still having trouble you can submit a flood request from Pinal County here.  However, I feel the easiest option is the one listed above through FEMA.

For further information and to get estimates on your premium for insurance coverage and local providers you can go to

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