Cow Smell in Maricopa AZ. How bad is it?

Cow Odor in Maricopa, Arizona


You may be considering moving to Maricopa, AZ and have heard stories about the “cow smell“.  I have lived in Maricopa since 2011 and have first hand experience with this.  There are two dairy cow farms on the outside perimeter of the city of Maricopa.  One is on 238 and one is on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.  In 2011, when I moved here it seemed like the smell was more severe than it is now.  The odor doesn’t linger constantly.  It’s just once in a while when the wind carries it towards the city and gives you a whiff of it.  The heat of the summer can make it worse.  There have been times when it was pretty potent but I have not had that experience in the past two years or so.  All in all, I wouldn’t let me effect my decision to move to Maricopa, AZ.

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I know the city is working on resolving the issue more.  Would this affect a decision to live in Maricopa?  For some, it may.  However, if you ask many current homeowners in Maricopa I’m sure they would say it’s just a minor concern and has definitely improved from 5-10 years ago.

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