Scorpions in Maricopa AZ?

Are there Scorpions in Maricopa, AZ?

scorpions in maricopa az

Scorpions could be a concern for you if you decide to buy a home in Maricopa, AZ.  You definitely wouldn’t want to purchase a new house and realize after you move in that there are scorpions creeping around.  Yes, there are scorpions in Maricopa AZ, but any home in the Phoenix area can have them.  It’s the desert!

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Some people I’ve spoken to say they have never seen a scorpion in Arizona, let alone scorpions in Maricopa AZ.  Others say they find them around their home once in a while.  One of the reasons is because scorpions have a path they travel for migration.  Even if a subdivision is built on the land over their migration path, they will still continue to use that path.  That’s why one house may get scorpions while their neighbor has never seen one.  And the homes that get them will most likely always get them.

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Scorpions in Maricopa AZ

If this is a concern for you, when viewing homes for sale you could look around for any dead ones, especially in the garage.  Many homes for sale are vacant and you will see dead bugs and get a good idea of what creeps around.  Another thing to consider is if the home is close to the desert or tucked deeply in a subdivision.  You are less likely to get scorps if you are tucked deep within civilization.  If you finally choose a home, check the seals around windows and doors to make sure they are snug where bugs can’t get in easily.

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Now, let’s say you buy a home and to your horror, you see a scorpion.  Try to snap a picture of it so you can show it to an exterminator.  The bark scorpions are common in Arizona.  Exterminators aren’t very expensive and will help keep them at bay.  However, the poison exterminators use takes about 7 days to actually kill the scorpion.  But reducing the numbers of bugs in general will help defer scorps from your property.  If you see one in your home, I’d suggest killing it but watch out because they carry babies on their backs that will jump off and run away when confronted.  Also, keep in mind scorpions are nocturnal.  You can walk around your property with a blacklight at night to see what’s lingering around.  Scorpions glow brightly under a blacklight.

To sum it up, it’s the luck of the draw whether you will see scorpions in Maricopa AZ or not… whether in Maricopa or anywhere in the Phoenix metro area.  If you get stung, call your doctor or 911.  They will most likely advise you to put ice on it and come in if any serious symptoms arise.  A scorpion sting can be deadly to children and pets so I wouldn’t waste time getting to the hospital if my child was stung.

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