Sell Your Maricopa Home

Sell My Home in Maricopa AZ

Sell My Home in Maricopa AZ

Are you thinking “I’d like to sell my home in Maricopa AZ“?  If you are considering selling your home the first thing you’ll want to do is see how much your home is worth.  Fill out the form below and I will do some research to put together your home evaluation.

I will be able to tell you the highest selling price for your home that will still get it sold and not sit endlessly on the market.  A great listing description, amazing photos, and proper marketing will help you generate showings.  These showing will then lead to offers which will get it sold.  I can assist you and sell your home in Maricopa AZ.

You may be wondering what it costs to sell a home in Arizona, how your home value is determined, or how to prepare your Maricopa home for a sale. I can answer all these questions and walk you through the whole selling process.

More to think about…

Things to think about prior to selling are the current condition of your home and any upgrades you have made.  And how about the curb appeal?  When preparing your home to sell you may not want to do big renovations.  However, I suggest decluttering, a deep cleaning, repairing minor items, and maybe some touch up paint for a fresh look.

Another thing to consider is where you are going.  If you sell your home you won’t have that home anymore to stay in.  Do you need to buy and sell a home at the same time so there’s no gap in time where you wouldn’t have a place to stay?  Ideally, it would be great to buy the new home first then sell your current one but that’s not always possible.  The process can be arranged so you have two closing in one day so your house would get sold and you’d buy your new house simultaneously.

Let’s get started…

Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company