Sell your Home in Maricopa AZ

Selling your home in Maricopa AZ is a big deal. There is a lot to think about even before you list it on the market. I’m going to break things down a bit so you are well aware of everything you need to know to sell your home in Maricopa AZ.

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Sell your Home in Maricopa AZ

Before you List your Home

The time prior to putting your house on the market is a time to take a good look at its condition and how it presents itself. You may have a list of small repairs you’d like to make. You may wonder if remodeling will boost the market value. I suggest taking these things into consideration…

  • Make small obvious repairs but don’t go overboard. A buyer will have a home inspection and there will most likely be some items the buyer would like fixed that were unforeseen to you.
  • Declutter and Clean. Try to free up the space in the house so it doesn’t look “lived in”. Take down family pictures. Give it a good cleaning inside and out.
  • How is the curb appeal. Literally take a look from the street and see through the eyes of a potential buyer. How is your landscaping? How about the exterior of the house?
  • Think hard about any remodeling. I am not a fan of doing any type of expensive remodeling unless it will surely pay off. Below you will find out about the costs to sell a home in Maricopa AZ and you will need to be fully aware of the financials.
  • Find a local real estate to help you. You’ll want someone who is a pro at the Maricopa local real estate market… like Jason and Tammy. Contact us on the form above.

Costs to Sell your Home in Maricopa AZ

Selling a house is a huge transaction. There are many things involved and last minute costs and creep up on you. It’s best to be aware of these in advance. So have a look!

  • Commissions. In Arizona the sellers pay the real estate commissions. Even though all commissions are negotiable the typical rate is 6% of the sales price. 3% would go to the listing agent and 3% would go to the realtor who brings a buyer. So, if you sold your house for $200,000 that will be $12,000 right off the bat.
  • Closing Costs. To figure out what your closing costs will be I would say it comes out to about 1% of the sales price. Luckily the sellers don’t pay much in the way of closing costs. However, sometimes buyers don’t have much cash on hand and ask the seller to pay their 3-4% closing costs. Hopefully they will be tagging that onto the sale price to make up the difference for you.
  • Repairs. Don’t be surprised if you are under contract (aka the escrow period) and the buyers inspection doesn’t turn out well. They may ask for a whole list of repairs to be made prior to closing. You can always say you will not make repairs but then the buyer can back out of the deal.

Come up with your Listing Price

The listing price is always up to the seller. An appraisal is the most accurate way to obtain your home value but a real estate agent can see comparable homes that have sold in the last few months and come up with a very close figure. This is called a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA.

The key to pricing your property correctly is to not be too high or too low. If it’s too low you may get bombarded with offers because buyers think it’s such a great deal. This leaves you with not making as much money as you could. If it’s priced too high then you may get no showings and if the house sits on the market too long buyers start to think something is wrong with it.

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Market Your Home

You will want to discuss a marketing plan with your realtor. Being listed on the MLS (multiple listing service) is the most powerful marketing because that will allow your listing to be seen to all real estate agents. It will also export onto all of those sites like or

Ways to Market your Home…

  • Flyers. Your agent can send out “just listed” flyers to the neighborhood.
  • Open Houses can be held to attract buyers.
  • Word of mouth between other real estate agents works well.
  • Online. Spreading your listing through successful social media campaigns and blogging (like this article you’re reading).
  • Virtual Tours – These can be made by us and put on YouTube.

Luckily Maricopa Arizona is a HOT market and the homes sell quick. The average time to sell a home in Maricopa is 2 months. But if planned properly it should be quicker than that.

Contact Maricopa Realtors to Sell your Home in Maricopa AZ

We are Jason and Tammy and are experts in the Maricopa real estate market. We can guide you through the whole home selling process. Get moving on selling your home while the market is hot! We promise to make you our priority, put full effort into the sale of your house, and respond quickly to anything you need.

We have years of experience and would love to help you get that house sold. Whether you are in a subdivision home, manufactured home, or out in rural Maricopa we can get the job done.

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