HOA Fees for Province in Maricopa AZ 85138

HOA Fees for Province in Maricopa AZ 85138

Management Company: CCMC
Phone: (480) 921-7500
Email: dgonazalez@ccmcnet.com or fax (480) 921-7564

Dues: $ 660.00 Quarterly (includes $605.61 Qtr + Cable $54.39)
Benefitted Parcels 7 or 13 – additional benefitted fee – $199.55

Transfer Fee: $ n/a
*Transfer fees are separate from and NOT the same as Disclosure Fees

Capital Improvement Fee: SEE OTHER FEES

Prepaid/Advance Assessments/Dues: $660.00 (1 Qtr) by Buyer

Disclosure Fee: $382.00 by Seller
$ 18.00 by Seller (part of the service/delivery as part of disclosure)


Working Capital: $605.61

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 HOA Fees for Province in Maricopa AZ 85138

All fees are subject to change.  Contact the HOA directly with questions.

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2 thoughts on “HOA Fees for Province in Maricopa AZ 85138

  1. Jim Caldwell

    Are the Internet and Cable TV fees incorporated in the HOA Fees of Province Maricopa County

    1. jasonbechtoldrealtor

      Orbitel Basic cable TV is included in the homeowner association fees paid by residents of Acacia, Cobblestone, Desert Passage, Glennwilde, Maricopa Meadows, Palo Brea, Province, Rancho Mirage, Senita, Tortosa and Villages (“Basic Cable Bulk Billed Communities”)

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