Sell My Home Fast in Maricopa AZ

Sell My Home Fast in Maricopa AZ

Sell My Home Fast in Maricopa AZ

Are you thinking you need to “Sell My Home Fast in Maricopa AZ”?  You’ve landed on the website that will provide all you need to know to do just that.  I am a Maricopa realtor who lives and works in Maricopa AZ.  I have first hand knowledge of the Maricopa AZ real estate market.

The average home in Maricopa sells within 2 months.  Many times it’s much sooner than that.  Many of my listings have gone under contract within days.  There are some key elements to consider to make this happen.

  1.  Prepare your home for a sale – Clean up, declutter, make small repairs if necessary and look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer.  We will need to get some beautiful photos to include in your listing as well.  Here are more tips on how to prepare your Arizona home for a sale.
  2. Price it right – This is key.  If you’re too low you may get some offers coming your way but you won’t be getting the most profit on the sale.  If it’s too high you may not get many showings and if you do they won’t be followed by offers.  You can get your free home value here.  Also consider other costs involved.  Usually the closing costs for the seller is 1% of the purchase price, however the sellers in Arizona always pay commissions so that’s an extra 6% on average.  Also, if the buyer has an inspection performed they may request some additional repairs.
  3. Plan ahead – What is your plan for the sale.  Do you know it usually takes 30-45 days to close?  Sometimes 60 days.  Will you need a new home set up before this one sells?  Where will you go?  In some cases you will need a new home set up prior to selling this house.  We can certainly do that and make sure you aren’t sleeping on couches in between closings.

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