HOA Costs in Maricopa AZ

HOA Costs in Maricopa AZ

HOA Costs in Maricopa AZ

Here is where you will find the HOA costs in Maricopa AZ.  You may be thinking about moving to Maricopa and are researching the subdivisions to prepare financially for your next big purchase.  You will find the answers here.

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HOA Costs in Maricopa AZ

This list is up to date as of October 2017…

Acacia Crossings – $71.50/mo

Alterra – $62.92/mo

Cobblestone Farms – $278.45/quarterly

Desert Cedars – $66/mo

Desert Passage – $99/mo

Glennwilde Groves – $76.35/mo

Homestead – $48.50/mo

The Lakes at Rancho el Dorado – $62.92/mo

Maricopa Meadows – $219.30/quarterly

Palo Brea – $55.00/mo

Province – $660.00/quarterly

Rancho el Dorado – $127.90/quarterly

Rancho Mirage – $91.67/mo

Santa Rosa Springs – $68.00/mo

Senita – $65.00/mo

Sorrento – $63.30/mo

Tortosa – $86.98/mo

The Villages at Rancho el Dorado – $83.00/mo

Orbitel Basic cable TV is included in the homeowner association fees paid by residents of Acacia, Cobblestone, Desert Passage, Glennwilde, Maricopa Meadows, Palo Brea, Province, Rancho Mirage, Senita, Tortosa and Villages (“Basic Cable Bulk Billed Communities”)

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