Selling a Home During a Divorce in Maricopa AZ

Selling a Home During a Divorce in Maricopa AZ and throughout the Phoenix Area

Selling a Home During a Divorce in Maricopa AZ

Selling a home during a divorce in Maricopa AZ or the Phoenix area is a stressful time for all of those involved.  There are many things that need to be settled to make the divorce complete.  One of those things often involves selling your home… one of your biggest investments.  Here are some items to think about to complete the process with as little stress as possible.

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  1.  Who gets the house?  This can be complicated, however, if one party can afford the home it is possible they can keep it and buy the other out.  It’s not as simple as taking over the mortgage.  The home will need to be refinanced so the other person involved is taken off the mortgage and deed.  I have a recommendation for a mortgage lender if you need one.  If neither person wants the house it will be time to sell it and split the profits if there are any.
  2. Sell the Home  You can try to sell your home on your own but this will add a lot of additional stress.  It’s much easier to hire a Maricopa real estate agent to handle the sale and be neutral during the process.  Remember to keep this as a business decision during the divorce.  Think with your brain and not your heart.  The realtor can also work with an attorney through the process if you have one.  If you both walk away from the home and it goes into foreclosure it’s going to damage your credit so it’s best to avoid this.
  3. Divide the Funds  This can be relatively simple.  The escrow company can properly disperse all funds to the appropriate parties at closing after paying off all of the home’s obligations and any agreed upon marital debts.

A divorce is an extremely emotional time for everyone involved.  You will want to work with professionals who are sympathetic and neutral through the process.  I am a Maricopa Arizona resident and real estate agent.  My services are available throughout the Phoenix area.  I can assist you in getting your home sold quickly and for the most profit.   Contact me on the form below…

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