Sell My Rental or Investment Home in Maricopa AZ

Sell My Rental or Investment Home in Maricopa AZ

Sell My Rental or Investment Home in Maricopa AZ

The real estate market in Maricopa, AZ is usually pretty hot.  That may mean you have purchased a home at some point and are now ready to sell it.  You may be thinking you want to “Sell My Rental or Investment Home in Maricopa AZ”.  You have come to the right place.

I am a Maricopa AZ realtor and resident.  I’ve purchased two homes in town myself.  I know the real estate here and would love to assist you with the sale of your investment or rental property.  But how do we start?  There may be some questions.

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If you have a rental home still occupied with a tenant you may be wondering if you can still sell it.  The answer is yes.  However, it’s not exactly ideal.  If a tenant is in place the new owner of your home will need to carry out the lease terms.

We can list your home on the market and mark it as occupied with tenants rights.  This means the tenant has the right to 48 hours notice prior to a showing.  Also, depending on how long the lease agreement is in place for you may be limiting potential buyers to investors who wish to continue renting the property.  Or, a buyer who isn’t in a rush to move in and can wait until the lease expires.

Sell My Rental or Investment Home in Maricopa AZ continued…

Ideally, you’ll want to have the tenant out of your home so it can be vacant, cleaned up, and easy to show.  Home buyers usually want a move in ready home.  This will be a good way to maximize your profit.

Speaking of profit, we will work together to come up with a listing price that will still be in the ballpark of what will actually sell.  Yet, high enough to make sure you walk away with as much money as you can.  This is a fine line because if it’s over priced you may not get any showings and if it’s too low you’ll see plenty of showings and offers coming in.  We want to be right in the middle.

I’ll make sure to come up with a personalized plan of action to get your home sold.  We’ll price it right, market it well, get high quality captivating photos, and get it sold.  You may like to know that the average home in Maricopa AZ sells in about two months.  This should help with your planning.

Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company

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