Mortgage Lender in Maricopa AZ

Mortgage Lender in Maricopa AZ: Kathy Santoni

Mortgage Lender in Maricopa AZ

Looking for a mortgage lender in Maricopa AZ?  Maybe an FHA, VA, or Conventional loan?  How about a ZERO down payment?  I’m a realtor who specializes in Maricopa Arizona and have worked with quite a few mortgage lenders.  Each of them have their own way of doing business.  I’ve found that one I really like to work with is Kathy Santoni with loanDepot.

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I’ve successfully closed on many homes with Kathy and the process is always smooth and stress free.  Kathy is easy to work with and can take you from start to finish on the purchase of your home.  She has an expertise in all aspects of mortgages in Arizona. Her knowledge enables her to know how to solve difficult problems that may arise during an escrow period.

Finding a mortgage lender in Maricopa AZ can be a difficult task.  Some home buyers call random lenders and put the biggest purchase of their lifetime into the hands of a stranger.  With Kathy Santoni you will be able to go in with confidence.  I can attest for it myself.  I’ve used her services to close on two of the homes I’ve purchased!

Whether you are looking to secure an FHA loan, Conventional, USDA, VA, or a special type of loan Kathy will know the ins and outs.  Have a lower credit score?  Kathy can make sure you know all of your options to obtain a mortgage or at least put you on a path to where you want your score to be.

Kathy Santoni is a highly recommended mortgage lender in Maricopa AZ.  Even though her office is located in Tempe, AZ she likes to focus on Maricopa.  Also, since I’ve worked so closely with her on many occasions we make a great team to represent you.  Feel free to contact Kathy, even if it’s just to ask a few questions.  She’d love to speak with you.  –Jason Bechtold, Maricopa Realtor

Kathy Santoni, Loan Consultant
Office: (480) 327-4614
Cell: (602) 300-3500

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