Utility Bills in Maricopa AZ

What Can I Expect to Pay in Utilities in Maricopa AZ

Utility Bills in Maricopa AZ

Many people ask me what to expect on their utility bills in Maricopa AZ.  It’s tough for a realtor to answer this question because each home is different.  Some are more energy efficient than others.

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The electric company used for most of the homes in Maricopa is Electrical District #3.  Gas is SouthWest Gas.  Water/Sewer is Global Water.  Trash is Waste Management.  Then if you want cable and internet there are a lot of choices.  I use Centurylink for both but if you use Orbitel Communications you get a slight discount if your subdivision comes with the basic cable already included in your HOA which some do.

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What do I pay for my Utility Bills in Maricopa AZ

I am a resident of Maricopa and have lived in two different houses.  My first one I had for about 6 years which was single story (about 1500 square feet) and the utility bills in Maricopa AZ were about $35 for gas, $100 for sewer/water (sewer was the majority of that payment), and electric varied.  The electric was quite inexpensive during the winter months since the furnace ran on gas.  So, for winter the bills were about $70/mo.  In the summer when we were running the air conditioner at a comfortable 80 degree temperature the bills were around $250 at most.

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I am currently in a house that is 2200 square feet and it’s two stories.  The electric utility bills in Maricopa AZ for me during the summer were around $450 during the hottest months.  That was running the temperature at 78 degrees.  There is also an irrigation system that waters a backyard full of grass and my water bills are usually $110.

I asked my sister who lives in Chandler, AZ what her utility bills were to compare and she said hers were about the same as mine in a similar size house.

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