Black Widow Spiders in Maricopa AZ

Black Widows in Maricopa, Arizona

Black Widow Spiders in Maricopa AZ

In addition to rattlesnakes and scorpions found in Maricopa, AZ you can add one more creepy crawler to the list… black widow spiders.  I’ve seen them around my own home in Maricopa and since I’m a real estate agent I come across them around vacant homes as well when checking out a property.

The black widow spiders in Maricopa AZ spin a messy looking silk web that has no specific pattern to it.  It also LOVES clutter.  If you have lots of yard tools, plant pots, and things like that propped up against your house you are creating real attractive real estate for the spider to call home.  You should also keep your garage clutter free.  If you have items scattered around your garage and lots of cardboard boxes I wouldn’t dig around in them without gloves.  If you are bit by the black widow you should get in to the doctor or Urgent Care right away.  Usually the bite is not life threatening but always err on the side of caution.

In my experience, black widow spiders in Maricopa AZ have been in any cluttered area around the home and up near the gutter.  Or where the roof meets the wall of the house.  They are hidden in the daytime but as soon as the sun goes down they come out and sit still in their webs awaiting prey.  They don’t move much but if startled they are very fast to get themselves out of site.

Black Widow Spiders in Maricopa AZ

I remember when I first moved into my home in Rancho el Dorado in 2011 it had been vacant for a while and I had purchased it site unseen.  When I made the move from New Jersey to Maricopa I had never seen a black widow and looking around my house at night within the first few days of being in Arizona I was filled with fear to see black widows all along the house near the roof.

My heart was racing because I do not like spiders.  I came up with a plan.  I grabbed the Raid bug spray and sprayed all of the black widows real good and ran inside.  After about half hour I went to check out the webs again.  To my horror all the spiders were right back sitting in their webs totally unaffected by the poison. I found out that regular sprays don’t usually work.  You need to purchase a specific spray for black widows.  In the end, I did something I do not recommend and got the spiders down with a stick then stepped on them.  I got every one.  And guess what, I never had any more of them again after that.

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If you’re curious if you have black widows spiders in Maricopa AZ, I’d walk the perimeter of your home at night.  Grab a flashlight and check it out.  And remember to always wear gloves when gardening or cleaning up the garage.  They say the safest way to get rid of spiders is to vacuum them and their webs.  I’d be too scared they would somehow crawl through the tubes of the vacuum and come back out!  lol.  It’s probably best just to call a pest control company.

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