Maricopa AZ Homes for Sale by Owner

Homes for Sale by Owner in Maricopa, AZ

Maricopa AZ Homes for Sale by Owner

You landed on this page to find Maricopa AZ Homes for Sale by Owner.  Below is a list of them to browse.  There’s usually not too many but you can check them out.  However, there’s a few key points you may want to know about first.

Low Credit Score:

Before you pursue Maricopa AZ Homes for Sale by Owner, did you you know that having a credit score of 580 or above may be able to get you approved for a mortgage?  There are also zero down payment programs you could qualify for, sometimes the USDA loan program is available as well.  I have a few mortgage lenders I work with who can see if you can be approved so let me know and I’ll send you their information.


When you are buying a home using a real estate agent in Arizona the commissions are paid all by the seller.  You as the buyer would be responsible for your earnest deposit (usually 1% of the purchase price), your down payment (which may be zero), closing costs (around 3% and you can ask the seller to cover them for you), your home inspection, and an appraisal if required by your lender.  Basically you can buy a home for less than it cost to get into a rental.  In addition, who really saves the money on a for sale by owner?  The seller.  They won’t have to pay 6% of the purchase price on commission.

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Maricopa AZ Homes for Sale by Owner


When purchasing a FSBO you are working directly with the seller.  The seller isn’t a licensed real estate agent and doesn’t have the code of ethics that realtors do.  Furthermore, it would be like buying a car from someone on craigslist.  They may say whatever it takes to get you to buy.  With realtors there’s trust, disclosure and protection for both parties involved.

Writing an offer:

There’s a lot involved in writing up an offer on a home.  In addition, without using a realtor you may need to have a real estate attorney write up the contract or try to do it on your own.  Also, do you know how to make sure you’re getting a clear title transferred into your name?  What if there are judgements on the title that get transferred to you?  Will you need title insurance?  Just some things to think about.

Who holds the money:

If you pay for an earnest deposit you wouldn’t want the seller of the home to hold on to it in his own bank account, right?  Consequently, you will need to set up an outside 3rd party to set up an escrow account and hold any funds involved until closing.

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What’s a CLUE report?:

It is a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.  It will tell the buyer if there have been any insurance claims on the property.  For example, if a storm blew the roof off at some point or a tree fell into the house.  You’d want to know, right?  If the seller won’t provide this I’d take it as a red flag.

Homes for Sale by Owner in Maricopa

In conclusion, If you purchase a Maricopa Home for Sale by Owner I’d love to hear about how it went.  However, if you don’t think a FSBO is right for you I’d love to help you find your new home.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to get started on your home search.

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