Concrete Issue in Maricopa AZ?

Sulfate Issues in Maricopa, AZ

Concrete Issue in Maricopa AZ

You may have heard that there was a concrete issue in Maricopa AZ.  Basically, they are in relation to the foundations of the homes from when they were built.  The sulfate in the ground absorbs into the concrete foundations and wears it away.  There was a study done on the issue and it the results of the study found that the only subdivision in Maricopa that could be affected by this is Maricopa Meadows.  AMEC Earth and Environmental Inc performed the study and you can see the results in their official document.

In detail, according to the International Building Code, sulfate levels of .1 – .2 can have moderate effect,  .2 – 2 have severe effects and anything above 2 can have very severe effects.  Sulfate levels in the ground in several places in Maricopa Meadows tested as .12, .17, .33, .34 and .03.  Sulfate levels can drastically change from home to home.  Does this cause concern about the concrete issue in Maricopa, AZ?

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What happens is when the soil becomes wet the sulfates dissolve in the water and are absorbed by the concrete which dries, then the sulfates attack the materials that hold the concrete together.  There needs to be a cycle of moisture to drying to create the breakdown of the concrete.  Some protective measures would be to make sure sprinklers aren’t spraying near the base of the home.  Also, grading the ground to push water away from the foundation, installing rain gutters, and utilizing sealants on the concrete.  However, homes with this concrete issue in Maricopa AZ should still hold up for over 100 years.

Concrete Issue in Maricopa AZ?

A lawsuit was filed by the HOA in 2010.  In addition it also involved 600 or so of the 1600 homeowners in Maricopa Meadows.  It concluded that the builders were negligent and used an incorrect concrete mixture.   The home builders involved were Brown Family Communities, Courtland Homes, Elite Communities, Frontier Homes, HomeLife Communities, KB Home, Richmond American Homes and Standard Pacific Homes.  Apparently, it ended with the homeowners receiving a check for a few thousand dollars to have epoxy injections into the foundation that is supposed to repair the issue.  There are also water proofing techniques that can help as well.  If you are concerned you should talk to a professional technician who knows specifically about the sulfate issue in Maricopa, AZ.  They can possibly ease your mind with correct repairs.

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