Where is Maricopa AZ?

Maricopa Arizona: Where is it Located?

Many people ask the question Where is Maricopa AZ.  I’m here to let you know where it is.  Maricopa (aka.the city of Maricopa) is located in Pinal County in Arizona (not Maricopa county).  Odd, right?

So, where in Pinal County is Maricopa, AZ located?  Well, it is 16 miles south of Chandler, AZ down SR 347 or 20 miles from Casa Grande via Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.  From Chandler, you’ll cross 16 miles of desert before hitting the first two subdivisions of Maricopa: Rancho el Dorado and Cobblestone Farms.  On the drive south on SR 347 you will pass the Huhugam Heritage Center, a mountain with a white “M” on it, and you may also see some wild horses running around.

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Where is Maricopa AZ continued…

Many people know of Maricopa as having only a train station and cow farms.  It’s much different now!  In 2003, a lot of homes were built prior to the market crash of 2008.  19 subdivisions went up along with a lot of commercial development putting Maricopa on the map.  Speaking of maps, here are directions from Phoenix, AZ to Maricopa, AZ.

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Should I Buy a Home in Maricopa?

Maricopa, AZ is a great place to find more home for your money while staying within commuting distance to the Phoenix area.  It’s a hot real estate market.  When the market crashed Maricopa was known for all of its foreclosures.  People walked out of these newer homes because the values tanked so dramatically.  Then there was a time period when you could get these homes extremely cheap, I’m talking $60,000.  I wish I had the money then to invest in a few!  The prices have gone up steadily since then. However, Maricopa still has great prices if you’re going to buy a home.  You can get a lot of house for the money and still be close enough to the Phoenix area.

Not Just Subdivision Homes

I also want to mention the homes in Maricopa that aren’t in HOA subdivisions.  They offer lots of land and allow for peace and quiet in the serenity of the desert.  Some are manufactured, some not.  They are in the Thunderbird Farms and Hidden Valley area that offers great mountain views, horse properties, and lots of land.  Some folks buy a plot of land and build their own home on it.

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I hope this answers your question of where is Maricopa, AZ.  It’s really a great place to live.  There’s a lot of expansion and development in the works and I see a bright future for the city.  So, where is Maricopa, AZ?  I say it’s right where it should be.  🙂  There is lots to do and it has everything you need.  The videos below will show you what Maricopa has to offer.

If you are looking to buy a home in Maricopa I’d love to help.  I’m a realtor who lives and works in Maricopa, so please contact me at the information below.

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