Moving to Phoenix Where to Live?

Where to Live When Moving to Phoenix, AZ

Moving to Phoenix Where to Live?  First of all, If you plan on relocating to the Phoenix area from somewhere else in the world you will certainly have lots of questions about living in Arizona and what to expect.  I’m sure you will research online because you want to find all kinds of information to prepare you for your move.  However, you may be thinking… I’m moving to Phoenix so where do I live?

Moving to Phoenix Where to Live?  Hence, a great question.  Most of all, I would suggest looking seriously into Maricopa, AZ.  Why Move to Maricopa?  Because there are some great reasons but the big one is the home prices.  Consequently, you get much more house for your money in Maricopa.  In addition, it’s also within commuting distance of the Phoenix area.

Moving to Phoenix Where to Live

It is important to realize that Maricopa, AZ is about 16 miles south of Chandler, AZ.  If you’ll be working in Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale or in Phoenix you’re commute should be almost 45 minutes.  By comparison, why bother with having a commute when you can just move closer to work?  Well, I’d suggest you look at the homes for sale in Maricopa, AZ because you will see what you can get for your money.  In brief, it’s very enticing.

Moving to Phoenix Where to Live?

Why are the home prices so attractive in Maricopa in the first place?  In sum, before 2003 it was mostly just cow farms but then home builders came in and started building homes in Maricopa and selling them like hot cakes.  Then the market crashed in 2008 and Maricopa was known nationally for all of its foreclosures.  Prices dropped down to the $50k’s for these nice new homes as Maricopa and the rest of the country started recovering from the market crash.

Moving to Maricopa AZ Homes for Sale in Maricopa AZ

Ever since, the homes have steadily regained value and continue to do so.  Plus, since Maricopa is outside of the Phoenix area it will always be a bit more attractive on price.

In addition, you may be wondering if Maricopa, AZ is safe.  Well, it was ranked #5 safest cities in Arizona in 2017 by  Another thing you may be concerned with are the school ratings.  You can see all of the Maricopa school ratings here.

Maricopa AZ offers a small town feel, it’s quiet, it has everything you could need, and it’s young and expanding at a fast rate.  You can expect to see many great developments over the next few years.

In Conclusion

I titled this blog Moving to Phoenix Where to Live because I think Maricopa, AZ is a great choice.  For example, I moved from New Jersey to Maricopa, AZ in 2011 and have never regretted my decision.  I’ve been raising my family here and we all love it.

I’m an Arizona real estate agent and whether you choose to move to Maricopa or anywhere else in the Phoenix area, I’d love to assist you in your home search.  I can be your eyes and ears out here and if you can’t see a home in person prior to purchasing I can provide you with a virtual tour or set up a FaceTime or Skype walk through.

In either case, anything you need to make the move easier, I’ll be there for you.  Whether you chose Maricopa or another town in the Phoenix area I’d be glad to help.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to set up a home search from the MLS and I can answer your questions about Moving to Phoenix Where to Live?

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