Get Your Maricopa AZ Home Value

Get Your Maricopa AZ Home Value for Free

Get Your Maricopa AZ Home Value

To get your Maricopa AZ home value you will want to understand what that value means.  Value is determined by what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for it.  I am a realtor who specializes in Maricopa and I’d love to supply you with a free home evaluation and make sure I maximize your profit on the sale.  So how do we determine how much your Maricopa home is worth?

Running Comparable Recently Sold Homes:  The biggest factor in determining your Maricopa, AZ home value is checking out the comps.  Usually you should search within a 1 mile radius of sold homes that are similar to yours.  However, in Maricopa you can certainly go by subdivision if you’re in the majority of subdivision homes.  So, if you live in Rancho el Dorado you’ll want to check homes sold only in Rancho.  It’s fair game to search the past 6 months to finds comps and keep them as close as possible with square footage and number of bedrooms/bathrooms.  Once you find a few you can determine the average price per square foot then apply that to your home to get an average of your Maricopa, AZ home value.

Upgrades:  Another factor in determining your value is by any upgrades you may  have done to your house.  If you upgraded to granite countertops, added a pool, bought solar panels, etc. you can absolutely expect to sell for a bit more profit.

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Condition:  Maybe your home isn’t in such great condition.  Is it worth fixing it up prior to selling?  Sometimes it is but sometimes it isn’t.  It depends on how much the repairs will cost and what the projected selling price is.  Slapping on a fresh coat of paint or renting a rug doctor may be all you need to get the home looking good.  If it goes beyond general cosmetic concerns the buyers may ask you to do repairs in their inspection period so be prepared for that to come up.  I’d make the home look as fresh as possible and make sure everything is functional.  If you don’t want to repair anything you could always sell your home as-is.  Just know that when buyers hear the home is being sold as-is it sends up a red flag to them.

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Financials:  When figuring out your Maricopa, AZ home value you’ll want to be fully aware of all costs associated with selling your home and maximize your profit.  Let’s say your home is worth $200,000 and sells for that price.  The biggest financial is usually the payoff of a mortgage.  If you still owe $100,000 on the mortgage you are left with $100,000 remaining.  In Arizona, the seller always pays the real estate agent commissions and the standard is 6% (3% for the buyers agent and 3% for the listing agent).  Sellers closing costs are about 1%.  7% of $200,000 is $14,000.  Considering no money went into inspection concerns you would profit $86,000.

If you would like a free market analysis to find out your Maricopa, AZ home value, contact me today.  I’d love to assist you with your Maricopa real estate needs.

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