Homes for Sale in Maricopa, AZ with Pools

Maricopa, AZ Homes for Sale with Pools

Many people come to me and want to find homes for sale in Maricopa, AZ with pools.  This is certainly a great idea!  Pools can be used practically year round in Maricopa and are a nice break from the heat.  I love the thought of laying by the pool with a margarita in hand looking at the cacti and palm trees.  Don’t you?

Let’s dive into this a little deeper (no pun intended).  First of all, do you really want a home in Maricopa, AZ with a pool?  Will you use it often enough to justify it?  Are you okay with your utility bills being slightly higher having to run the pool filters and such?  Can you keep up with the upkeep and maintenance?  Do you have children who do not know how to swim which could cause a safety concern?  Usually the homes with pools in Maricopa are a bit higher in price so you may get less house then if you were to do without the pool or maybe get into a subdivision with a community pool.

So what have you decided?  You want the pool?  I knew it, good choice!  Pools are beautiful, fun, and assist in creating some great memories of BBQ’s and pool parties.  You can also get some exercise as well.  What’s next?  Lets take a look…

Homes for Sale in Maricopa AZ with Pools

Maybe a private pool is not for you but you’d like access to a pool?  There are a few homes for sale in Maricopa that are in subdivisions that offer community swimming pools.  These subdivisions are Cobblestone Farms, The Villages at Rancho el Dorado, Smith Farms/Desert Passage, Glennwilde Groves, and Province (55+ community).  Each link will take you to the homes for sale in that subdivision.

The list of homes for sale in Maricopa, AZ with pools you just looked at is pulled right from my realtor MLS.  So all of those homes with pools are still available and active.  Keep in mind the ones in the lower price range are usually going to sell quicker and have the most competition.  Prior to making an offer you should have your Maricopa realtor speak with the listing agent and find out if there are any other offers in.  If there is, you may want to present your best and strongest offer to make sure you get the house.  Also, make sure you run some comps on recently sold homes with pools in Maricopa to make sure the pricing is fair.  Of course, since I am a Maricopa realtor I’d love to help you find your new pool home.

Getting a great home for sale in Maricopa, AZ with a pool is an exciting experience.  If you are worried about the condition of the pool, that can be addressed during your home inspection.  At that point will know if it is functioning properly and if there are repairs needed you can ask the seller for repairs.  Once you close on the home you will be able to jump in your new pool and let the good times begin.

I am a realtor who lives in and specializes in Maricopa, AZ.  So if you’re looking to purchase a home with a pool in Maricopa, AZ please contact me to get started.  I can take you to view the homes in person and take you from offer to closing.  I’ll be with you every step of the way.  Let’s get started!

To Buy or Sell a Home in Maricopa Contact:
Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company
Call or Text: (732) 306-7971


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