Moving to Maricopa AZ Checklist

Checklist of Everything You’ll Need to Move to Maricopa, AZ

Moving to Maricopa AZ Checklist

So you have decided to move to Maricopa, AZ and the many fine details of moving are scrambled in your mind.  If you are under contract to purchase a home the clock has started ticking.  You usually have 30-60 days before the house is yours.  Where do you even start?  Well, this article is a great starting point!  I’m a real estate agent who lives, loves and works Maricopa and I would love to help you relocate to the city of Maricopa.  My contact information is below so please reach out.

Moving to Maricopa AZ Checklist

Once You’re Under Contract

❒  Research Maricopa.  This website is a great place to start.  Where will you live?  Where are the schools?  Where can you find childcare?

❒  Medical Records.  Start accumulating your doctor and dentist records for easy transfer to a new medical provider.

❒  Create a moving file.  Accumulate legal and financial documents and moving quotes.  Start a file to keep everything together.

❒  Create a budget.  You will want to write down all costs associated with your move.

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Six Weeks Prior to Your Move

❒  Scale Down.  There are probably lots of items that you no longer need.  Hold a yard sale and start scaling down on your possession to make your move lighter.  What doesn’t sell you can donate.

❒  Moving Out of the Ordinary Items.  Think about how you will move your plants, food, and pets.

❒  Begin Packing.  Start to box up your things that you don’t use often.  Make sure to label each box and where it will go in your new home.  This will save on a lot of frustration later.

One Month Before

❒  Make Your Reservations.  This is a good time to make appointments with moving companies.

❒  Call the utility companies.  You will want to notify your current utility companies and the new ones for when service should be transferred over.  Remember there is water and sewer (Global Water), electric (Electrical District 3), gas (Southwest Gas), trash (Waste Management), cable, internet, and phone.

Two Weeks Before

❒  Change Address.  Set up the date you’d like to change your address with the post office.  You can also do this online.

❒  Update Address.  Call or update your address everywhere you can think of.  This should include credit card companies, DMV, IRS, social security, auto insurance, magazines, monthly memberships, etc.

❒  Arrange to be off work.  Let your employer know you will be out a day or so to dedicate to moving.  And get some friends to help out that day if needed.

Contact me to help find your home…

One Week Before

❒  Pack a box for essentials.  When you move there are things you will need right to get to right away.  Think of this as packing a suitcase for small trip.

❒  Do a final walkthrough.  Check the home you’re leaving for anything you may have forgotten or left behind.  Also, check the new home to make sure it’s still in satisfactory condition.

❒  Talk to your Real Estate Agent.  Ask your realtor if there is a mailbox key and which mailbox number it is if the mail comes in cluster boxes.  Are there garage and ceiling fan remotes left at the home?  Any extra keys you may need?

Move In Day

❒  Cleaning.  You should prepare to clean up your new home while it’s still vacant to make things easier on yourself.  If it’s in move-in condition you may want to just do a quick floor mopping and wipe down.

❒  Unpack.  Begin organizing your home and unpacking your boxes.

❒  Settle In.  Check with the post office for any held mail.  Get a new driver’s license, license plate if needed and registration.  Tie up any loose ends.

To Buy or Sell a Home in Maricopa Contact:
Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company

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