Rental Homes in Maricopa AZ

How to Find Rental Homes in Maricopa AZ

Rental Homes in Maricopa AZ

So, you have decided Maricopa, AZ would be a good place for you to rent and want to search for rental homes in Maricopa AZ.  It is a good decision indeed.  The prices are reasonable and Maricopa is a great place to live.  But do you find it difficult to find rentals that are still available?  Are you confused about the deposits and what it takes to rent one?  Let me clear things up.

Let’s say you browse the link at the end of this article for current active rentals.  If they are on my site they will currently be available since my website is connected to my MLS, so you will see in real time what I, as a realtor, see.  However, even though it is available doesn’t mean there are no applications in on it waiting to be approved.  I check on this for you to increase your chances of getting the home.  If there are already a few applications in there is really no point in going to view that house.

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The next step would be to find the ones you like (2-3 houses).  Make sure you look at items such as the location of the home, do they accept pets, what the total fees will be, do they include appliances, etc.  Then you can email me the MLS numbers or addresses and your availability and I can begin working on setting up the showings for you.  I need to set up showings because some homes have alarms, lockbox codes, they are currently occupied, and I can find out if they already have applications in.  Maricopa Rentals go QUICK so I’m not exaggerating when I say we need to be aggressive to get one.

Once we go see the homes it’s best to pick your favorite and a second favorite as a backup.  Then I will provide you with the application instructions.  When you submit your application it will not be to me. It will be to the company that is listing the house.  They will be the ones who decide if you are accepted, take your deposits and they will write out your lease.  So, why then use me?  Because I can show you ANY listed rental home in Arizona but I do limit working rentals homes in Maricopa AZ.


When you submit your application you will also need to pay the application fee.  Upon acceptance you will need to pay the earnest deposit to hold the house for you.  Usually a house can be held about 30 days.  But the quicker the move in, the better in most cases.  Sometimes there is confusion about the earnest and security deposit.  Usually the earnest deposit goes towards your security deposit.  For example, if the earnest deposit is $500 and the security deposit is $900, you would pay the earnest then the extra $400 at lease signing to make up the full security deposit.  Don’t forget there are also sometimes pet deposits, cleaning deposits, rental tax, administration fees, first months rent, etc.  So you will need money available to get into the rental.

Criteria to be Approved for a Rental in Maricopa AZ

The things landlords look at when determining if they will rent to you are:

  • Verifiable rental history
  • No collections due on a previous rental or house
  • Gross income per month should be netted at 3 times the monthly rent
  • Average credit score rating (some will accept as low as 550)
  • No past criminal convictions
  • Certain pet breed restrictions.

By the time we go to look at homes you should be ready to fill out applications that day.  And if you’re considering buying a house I can assist with that too.  🙂

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