Living in Maricopa, AZ

What’s it like living in Maricopa, AZ?

What’s it like living in Maricopa, AZ?  I can tell you first hand.  I’ve lived here since 2011.  I moved from New Jersey to Arizona, basically because Maricopa was pretty well known during the housing crash of 2008.  My sister lived in Maricopa and bought her home before the home prices took a nose dive.  She told me that all these newer houses were incredibly inexpensive.  So I took advantage and moved across the country to start my life in Maricopa.

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Living in Maricopa AZ

I felt like New Jersey was squeezing me out of the state with how expensive everything was.   Property taxes were sky high and I had a mortgage payment I could barely manage to pay.  I knew that Arizona wasn’t so expensive.

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So what’s it like living in Maricopa, AZ?  There are plenty of articles about living in Arizona so I’ll try to keep this specific to the city.  See the map below.  Maricopa is at the bottom.  Check out where it is compared to the Phoenix valley area.


Maricopa is in commuting distance to the valley if you work in the Phoenix area.  I don’t have to worry about that though.  I’m a real estate agent in Maricopa so I don’t leave the city too often.  I live, love and work in Maricopa.

What do I do during the week while living in Maricopa, AZ?  Well, in the morning I walk my daughter to school.  She’s in elementary school and the school is within walking distance.  They give out free breakfast to kindergarteners so we sit together before the bell rings and she eats.  Most areas where you live are close to a school.

After that I prepare for my day.  Since my schedule is flexible it can consist of showings, office time, handing out flyers, writing up contacts, etc.  But sometimes my wife has some chores for me!  For food shopping I usually go to Fry’s or Bashas.  They are two supermarkets that are right across the street from each other on John Wayne Pkwy (this is the main road that cuts through town and has a lot of businesses). They have everything you need.  I remember in New Jersey I always dreaded having to deal with huge lines in the market.  However, here, there is usually no more than one person in front of you in line, if any.  It’s very nice.  They also rent out Rug Doctor’s there if you want to steam clean your carpet.  If I just need to pick up one or two items like cold medicine or a birthday card I usually go to CVS or Walgreens.  If I need a bunch of variable things to buy I’ll go to Walmart on Maricopa-Casa Grande highway.

Sometimes I need to fix something in the house like a toilet handle or a door knob.  That’s when I’ll go to Ace Hardware to pick up what I need.  They have all of your basics to make some repairs or for your DIY home projects.

I like to keep our cars clean so when I have take care of that I head over to the car wash on John Wayne Pkwy.  They have plenty of free vacuums to use and the car wash itself is state of the art.  I’ve made a youtube video going through the car wash so if you want to see it.  I have lots of videos of different things to see in Maricopa.

After a day of work and chores I walk back to the school and pick up my daughter and we play until mom gets home.  The nights are very dark.  There aren’t many street lights.  The city likes to keep it that way to make stargazing a better experience.  If you go to a real dark spot on a clear night you won’t believe how many stars you can see.  It’s amazing.

One thing about living in Maricopa, AZ is that I rarely ever use my sweaters and winter jackets that I used so often on the east coast.  They just take up extra space in my closet.  The only time I use them is when I go up to Flagstaff, AZ to see snow.  Flagstaff is a nice place to make a day trip.  It’s only about 3 hours away from Maricopa and offers skiing, snow at times, and a great downtown area.

Other nice day trips from Maricopa are Tucson, Sedona, Tombstone, Prescott, Jerome, Lake Havasu, and the grand canyon… just to name a few.  And some weekend trips or longer trips can be Las Vegas, San Diego, or Los Angeles.

Regarding entertainment, when living in Maricopa, AZ there are fun things to do… movies, bowling, pool, bars, Harrah’s casino, carnivals, community events and restaurants.  Yard sales are very big here.  Every weekend there are signs all over pointing you to a yard sale.  But the Phoenix valley area is always just 20 minutes away if you can’t find what you’re looking for in ‘Copa.  Plus you may see the wild horses by the side of SR 347 as you head up that way.

On occasion I’ve seen scorpions, rattlesnakes and coyotes, oh my!  Check out my articles about them as well.

To Buy or Sell a Home in Maricopa Contact:
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