Moving from UT to Maricopa, AZ

Relocating from Utah to Maricopa, Arizona

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You’ve enjoyed living in Utah (perhaps Salt Lake City) but now it’s time to move to beautiful Maricopa, Arizona!  What brings you to Arizona?  Comment below!  Is it relocation for your employment?  A much needed change of scenery?  A new adventure?  Moving closer to family?  Whatever the case may be you will enjoy living in good ol’ AZ.

In the Phoenix area there is much to do and see.  There are museums, festivals, state fairs, arts, culture, great food, top notch shopping, hiking, biking, and much more.  What interests you?  What are your questions about life in Arizona?  It’s a young state, only a little over a century old.  Many of the population didn’t move here until after the 1950’s when air conditioning was invented.  Once that happened people realized living in the desert could be possible, comfortable and enjoyable.  You will find a lot of cultural influences here from Chicago, New York, Native American, Mexican to Asian.

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Many people ask about the weather.  You can find Phoenix Arizona’s average temperatures here!  It’s dry with little humidity.  The summers get hot but not intolerable.  Yes, it can get well over the 100’s in degrees but you just have to make it through the summer months then the rest of the year is beautiful.

Utah is close enough to drive if you want to go back for a weekend or so to visit friends and family.  I moved here from New Jersey so traveling back for a visit is a bit more difficult for me.  Anyway, when you move here you will need a place to live.  I suggest making a visit prior to your move so you can see what towns you like.  Then do some research into home prices and see what works for you and we can narrow it down to find you the perfect new home.  You can start your home search here!  These search results come right from my MLS so you will see all the homes updated as a real estate agent would see.  If it’s available there, it should still be available in reality.  That’s not the case for some other websites.

I wish you all the best with your move and hope we can connect so I can help you find your Arizona home!

Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company

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