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Relocating from New Jersey to Maricopa Arizona: What to expect

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Have decided to leave the garden state and move out west to Maricopa (or anywhere in the Phoenix area for that matter since I can assist you with your relocation as an Arizona real estate agent).  I did the same thing a few years back.  New Jersey will always be in my heart and I do miss a lot of things:  Going to the Jersey Shore and walking the boardwalk, Atlantic City, day trips to New York City or Philadelphia, the amazing cheesesteaks and pizza, wawa, pork roll, and having four seasons.  Sometimes life takes you in other directions for one reason or another.  I moved to Maricopa (which is in commuting distance to Phoenix) from NJ where I’m now a Delran Realtor.  Of  course you may miss the wonderful things New Jersey has to offer (perhaps a Jersey Devil hunt on Halloween) but there are also many things to look forward to in Arizona.

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Most people are curious about the weather when deciding on moving from NJ to AZ.  Yes, it gets very hot for a FEW months during the summer.  It can get up to 120 degrees at times.  But it’s a dry heat so it’s much more comfortable without the humidity.  However, we are very thankful for the invention of air conditioning.  In outdoor areas of malls, shopping centers, and restaurants there are usually mist cooling systems that spray a cloud of mist to keep you comfortable.  Aside from the summer months the weather is BEAUTIFUL the rest of the year.  Imagine talking to your friends back in NJ around February.  They will be shoveling snow while you are frolicking in 70 degree weather.  Did I mention there is rarely a cloud in the sky here too?  You may find yourself missing the snow and if that’s the case you can easily take a day trip north to Flagstaff, AZ and go skiing.  Click here for the average temperatures for Phoenix, AZ.

Do you like to golf, hike, bike, camp, go to a lake?  Do you want to easily take a trip to Las Vegas, the Grand CanyonSan Diego, or Los Angeles?  Do you like authentic mexican food?  Ever seen a real tumbleweed blowing across the road?  Would you like to go to Tombstone and learn more about Wyatt Earp or see some real gold mines?  Do you like to see mountain views practically everywhere?  Do you like high end shopping, resorts and restaurants?  Beautiful scenery?………  Then you will love Arizona!

And don’t worry about daylight savings time.  In Arizona we never have to change our clocks!

If you are planning on moving from NJ to AZ I would love to assist you in finding your home in Maricopa or the Phoenix area.  If you can not visit prior to your move (like I did), I can provide a detailed home search and will send you a personalized video tour of the home you may be interested in.  I can guide you from picking out your home online to writing up an offer to getting the keys in your hand.  If you have any other questions about moving from NJ to AZ, feel free to call or email.

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