Moving from IL to Maricopa AZ

Relocating from Illinois to Maricopa Arizona?


If you are looking to relocate from Illinois, possibly the Chicago area, to Maricopa which is near the Phoenix Arizona area you have come to the right place.  Maybe you are looking to escape the cold, rain, and snow in Illinois?  Are you relocating for a job?  Are you looking to be closer to family?  Or maybe get farther away from them? hehe.


Arizona offers beautiful desert landscapes, great weather, and best of all… a great housing market, especially in Maricopa.  There are many things to do year round since weather allows.  There’s hiking, biking, motorcycle riding (helmets optional), golf, entertainment, nightlife, high end shopping, the list goes on.

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Many people relocate from Illinois to Arizona and you will see the influence here.  There are plenty of Chicago style restaurants to be found.  It may make you feel less homesick to sink your teeth into a delicious Chicago style pizza!

I can help you find your new Arizona home.  Feel free to search the homes for sale on my website here.  When you are ready to make your move, let me know and we can dive into the home buying process and find your new dream home.

If you came across this article and have already moved to Arizona, please comment below about your experience and how you like it.  

Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company

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