Are there Coyotes in Maricopa, AZ?


Are you thinking about buying a home in Maricopa, AZ and curious about coyotes?  I live and work as a realtor in Maricopa and have personally seen coyotes running across the streets at times while driving, usually coming from a wash.  I also live on the border of the desert in Rancho el Dorado and sometimes at night I can hear their howls and yelps behind my block wall.

In general, coyotes are scared of people and won’t attack.  I have never heard of any issues with coyotes in Maricopa.  One time I did see a policeman chasing one trying to corner it but the coyote was too fast.  lol.

If you have a coyote story, please comment it below.  I’d love to hear about it!

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