A Visit to Zombie Warz Paintball at Rawhide – Chandler, AZ

Zombie Warz Paintball at Rawhide

October 1, 2015

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening of Zombie Warz Paintball at Rawhide in Chandler Arizona.  I love halloween attractions so I was excited to go.  I was there with the Phoenix radio station ALT AZ 93.3.  When I heard about Zombie Warz being at Rawhide I thought it would be in the actual western town but it wasn’t.  There was a sign off of Maricopa Rd. directing guests into the desert on a dirt road.  As I drove in the mood became more and more creepy.  About a mile in I saw the turn into Zombie Warz.  There was a wagon and a fire pit ready to go, a ticket booth, a place to take pictures with zombie as seen in the photo above, and some big military trucks with paint guns welded to the side.

During the wait in line zombies walked around scaring the customers with their deadly stares and slow strides.  I was on the first ride of the night.  We were loaded onto the bi-level military truck and a recording began to play explaining the rules and making scary related jokes.  Everyone was given their paint pellets to load our weapons and we headed out into the darkness into the sonoran desert.



The truck made stops at areas where zombies would walk out of what looked like abandoned shacks decorated with props to design a terrifying atmosphere.  When the zombies came out everyone was able to unload their ammo at will and hit the walking dead.  It was fun!  At the last stop we were told we could use the rest of our paintballs in a grand finale of red paint splattering the remaining zombies.

It was a great time.  I used two hundred paintball pellets and that seemed to be plenty.  You can buy 100 or more depending on how trigger happy you are.  They should be adding more elements to the event as the season moves forward and word has it that you can participate well into December.  If you go I’d love to hear what you thought so comment below!

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