Pros and cons of living in Maricopa, AZ

Should I Move to Maricopa Arizona?

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Are you thinking about relocating to Maricopa, AZ?  There are some advantages and disadvantages to living in Maricopa.  I live in Maricopa and love it!  There is a lot of commercial development going on.  They recently built a new shopping center at 21423 N. John Wayne Pkwy called Maricopa Station that includes a Starbucks, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Sports Clips and Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers.  We are also supposed to be getting a Denny’s, an expansion to the Ak Chin Harrah’s casino, and a highway that will be a straight line directly into Phoenix, instead of everyone having to use SR 347.  Maricopa continues to develop at a rapid speed.

For now, if you will be commuting into the Phoenix area, depending on how far, you may want to consider staying towards the north side of Maricopa to cut down on your commute.  The Amtrak Train that cuts through town is bothersome to some commuters because of the wait.  It can throw you off schedule if you have to wait for the train to pass through.  However, on a positive note, there are plans in the works to build an overpass so traffic will no longer be affected by the train.  If you will not be commuting into the Phoenix area often you may want to take a look at homes for sale south of the railroad tracks or over in Tortosa, Sorrento, or Rancho Mirage.  You may find some great deals!

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  • Awesome housing prices
  • Beautiful winter weather
  • Small town feel
  • Quiet
  • Young and expanding
  • Has everything you need
  • Great schools


  • Sometimes you smell cows from nearby farms
  • May be a bit too far of a commuting distance for some if you work in Phoenix or further north.
  •  Has a bad wrap from the housing crash where it was saturated with foreclosures.

What are the Maricopa crime statistics?  Is Maricopa safe?  Check out the stats here.

Maricopa is a quiet city, nestled outside of the Phoenix area about 15 minutes through the desert via State Road 347… away from the hustle and bustle of the valley.  It’s a great place to live or purchase an investment or vacation home.  I’ve heard people say there is a lack of nightlife and fine dining.  There is some nightlife and nice restaurants, maybe just not enough for some tastes.  But Maricopa is young and developing at a fast pace so we can expect to see a lot more options in the next few years.

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