Sell My Home in Scottsdale AZ

Sell My Home in Scottsdale AZ

Sell My Home in Scottsdale AZ

Oh Scottsdale, how dear you are to me.  For the time has come for us to part…

So, you are thinking “I need to sell my home in Scottsdale AZ?  Here at The Maricopa Real Estate Company, we are dedicated to selling all kinds of real estate.  We are a powerful force in the way of marketing and name recognition.  Also, we can get your listing in known throughout the valley, on the MLS, hold open houses (if you prefer), market nationally, and maintain our reputation for success.  Since the real estate market is especially competitive we need to be right on top of it due to the nature of the beast.

However, let’s not jump ahead though.  If you have thought about the possibility of selling your home you will want to check out what your home value is.  This can be done meticulously through a real estate agent through comps of recently sold homes followed by a listing appointment to see the property and tweak the numbers according to upgrades, condition, location and multiple other factors.  Best of all, there is no charge or obligation for this service.  It’s free so why not see where you stand?  Furthermore, I can provide a market analysis to you if you contact me.  This is especially relevant.  As a result you won’t be saying “I need to sell my home in Scottsdale AZ” anymore.

What will I do for you?

Finally, my promise is to go above and beyond for you.  I will be loyal and do my best to make sure your home gets sold quickly and for the most profit possible.  This can be done through an accurate home valuation.  For example, If we price your home too high you may not get any showings.  Too low and you may get offers quickly but won’t be profiting as much as you can.  We need to be in that fine line right between.  This is especially relevant.

Sell My Home in Scottsdale AZ Now…

Lets get ‘er done!

To Buy or Sell a Home Contact:
Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company

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