Sell My Home in Gilbert AZ

Sell My Home in Gilbert AZ


For some reason or another you have decided it’s time to sell your Gilbert, AZ home.  Maybe you are leaving the state due to a job offer?  Possibly upgrading to a bigger home because you’ve outgrown your current one?  Smaller home?  Therefore, whatever the case may be, once you decide your home needs to get sold you want to, in fact, make sure that it does sell.

First of all you will want to know is a ballpark figure of what your home is worth.  That way you can see where you are going to stand once it sells.  For this you can consult with a real estate agent.  They are the professionals who can put together some recently sold comps to estimate the value.  After you receive this estimate, then it’s time to set up a listing appointment with the agent so they can visit your home and check out its condition, upgrades, floor plan, etc. to target exactly what it will sell for.  Of course you can list the home for any price you’d like and hope for the best.  A real estate agent will want to make sure you receive top dollar for your home.

There is no charge for a real estate agent to provide this information.  So if you are thinking about the possibility of selling your home please contact me and I can provide a free market analysis for you or set up a listing appointment.  There is no commitment or obligation.  Fill out the form below and get a home valuation today.  I can also explain all of the benefits I can provide that go the extra mile in helping you get your home sold.

To Buy or Sell a Home Contact:
Jason Bechtold, Realtor
The Maricopa Real Estate Company

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