Searching for a Rental Home in Maricopa, AZ?

Are you looking to rent a home in Maricopa Arizona?

Rental Homes in Maricopa AZ

Renting a home in Maricopa, AZ has its benefits.  Sometimes you are just not quite ready to buy.  Maybe you are relocating to Maricopa, AZ and would like to get to know the area before deciding to buy a home.  There are some freedoms with renting.

However, did you know that sometimes buying a home is cheaper than renting?  There are plenty of beautiful homes to purchase where your mortgage payment would be less than your rent.  If you’d like to see if you qualify to buy a home, contact me at the information below.  Anyway, back to renting…

Let’s say you search rental homes in Maricopa and find the one you like.  You will need to go view the home which I would be happy to do with you.  If you are relocating, viewing the home may not be an option.  I can then provide a personalized video walkthrough of the house for you.  Prepare to fill out an application that day.  Don’t dilly dally on rentals.  If you see one you like you need to move quick to get it.

Rentals go fast!

Once you have picked your home you may want to know what qualifies you.  There are a number of factors that are looked at:  Criminal background, credit score, is your netted monthly income 3 times what the rent is, do you have any evictions or collections for past due rent, and what breed of pets you have.

And what about those deposits?  In general, there will be an earnest deposit which holds the house for you.  A house usually can be held for you about 30 days.  The earnest deposit counts towards the security deposit.  Let’s say the security deposit is $1000 and the earnest deposit is $500.  You will only need to pay the extra $500 before lease signing to make up the security deposit.  The security deposit is usually equal to one month’s rent.  Then there’s the first months rent.  There may also be pet deposits, cleaning deposits and application fees.  I usually tell future tenants to have about $2000 in the bank ready to go.

What can I do for you?

Well, I’m a realtor and can show you any listed rental home in Arizona.  However, I only work rentals in Maricopa.  If you let me know what you’re looking for I can email you all of the listed homes that meet your search criteria.  Narrow down your favorites to 3-4 rental homes and then we can set up a time to go see them.  Be prepared to submit your application that day so you don’t miss out on your dream home.  Applications will be submitted to the property management company or listing agent on the house.  They will be the ones take the deposits and draw up the lease.  However, I will help you through the process.  And best yet, my services are free to you!

Finally, Let’s start the search for Maricopa rental homes!  These are connected to the Arizona MLS so you will see exactly what the realtors see.  If it’s active here, it should still be available to rent.  However, before we go see any homes I will confirm there are no applications in waiting.  MARICOPA ARIZONA RENTAL HOME SEARCH HERE!

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