What is Hard Water in Arizona?

what is hard water in arizona

What is Hard Water in Arizona

When I first moved to Arizona from New Jersey to a town named Maricopa I heard that the water is Hard Water.  I wasn’t sure what that meant or how it would affect me so I did some research.  Hard water is water that has high mineral content.  There are minerals in it such as limestone, chalk, and dolomite that results from the water percolating through Calcium and Magnesium.

Hard drinking water is generally not harmful to drink.  However, you will feel a difference when you take a shower.  The soap does not lather as well or wash off as easy as with soft water.  It also causes lime to form around areas where water sits and dries like on your faucets or shower heads.  Don’t worry, it cleans pretty easy.  As for the difference when lathering up in the shower, is it a big deal?  No, it isn’t.

what is hard water in arizona

Many Arizonians get a soft water system put in their homes to resolve this issue.  If you are looking for a home that already has a water softener installed, let me know and I can send you a list.

what is hard water in arizona

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