Review of Native Grill and Wings in Maricopa, AZ

A Great Place to Eat: Formerly Called Native New Yorker in Maricopa Arizona

Review of Native Grill and Wings in Maricopa, AZ
Native New Yorker is one of my favorite restaurants to visit in Maricopa.  It is located on the corner of John Wayne Parkway and Highway 238 right behind the Circle K in the Bashas shopping center.  I would compare Native New Yorker to a smaller version of TGI Fridays.  Since I grew up on the east coast I can appreciate the pictures on the wall of New York City and the red brick decor.  There are basically three sections: the family oriented restaurant area, the bar in the back separated by glass double doors, and the outdoor patio area.

The atmosphere is fun, laid back, and family oriented.  The bar has many televisions (I counted at least 17 when I visited for lunch today) so it is a great place to watch the games or UFC.  However, my favorite thing to do there is Karoake.  They have Karaoke every Thursday and Saturday evenings.  If you stop by you may catch me singing some Bruce Springsteen, The Killers or John Denver tunes.

What else?

The wings, pizza and hamburgers are delicious but it doesn’t stop there.  They also have a variety of options, including healthy ones.  Make sure to stop by next time you are in Maricopa! You can view their menu here.

In conclusion, to sum up my review of Native Grill and Wings in Maricopa AZ, I would say I love to go to Native Grill and Wings with my family or to take a client out for lunch.  I love the food.  Their wings are always great and it’s not easy to find good wings!  I highly recommend checking out this restaurant or hanging out on a Friday or Saturday night for some fun around the bar.  It’s always a good time.

Review of Native Grill and Wings in Maricopa, AZ

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